Coach 2

Parts numbering system
page1 Rafter spacing and some detail of typical rafter.
page2 Bottom rail.
page3 Rafter curvature Ceiling lath profile, bottom rail profile.
page4 Ceiling reveal molding cross section and curvature.
page5 (A) end parts location drawing.
page6 Right side (A) end parts location drawing from inside.
page7 (A) end door.
page8 Detail A and view A of D(A).
page9 View B of D(A).
page10 Panel rail; Main Beam to Compression Beam connection.
page11 Arrangement of structural parts in side.
page12 Brace Rod.
page13 Location of parts; Iron Truss, Belt Band.
page14 Location of parts; outboard of parts in page 13.

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